tcst Rules

  • General Rain Rule (for 18-hole events)- If less than 9 holes are completed, the event is cancelled.  If at least 9 holes are completed, all holes completed by the final group will determine the competition.
  • You may improve your lie (mark, lift, clean & place) within one scorecard length in your own fairway. This includes fringes, teeing and drop areas if closely mown, walkways, etc.
  • All water hazards will be played as lateral water hazards, even if marked with yellow stakes.  In the absence of proper definition (lines,stakes), the water’s edge will determine the margin of the hazard.
  • Out of bounds (stakes, roads, etc.) will be played as a lateral water hazard, except you may not play your ball from out of bounds. 
  • A ball lost in a wooded or heavily vegetated area may be played as a lateral water hazard.  You may drop a ball within two club lengths of the point where it last entered the area, even if it is not marked as a water hazard. 
  • You are allowed three minutes to look for a lost ball. 
  • Par 3 water hazards– as an additional option, you may use the forward teeing area as a drop area. 
  • If your ball is in a footprint or casual water in a bunker or waste area, you may place your ball without penalty at the nearest point of relief. 
  • You may tap down spike/scuff marks on the green. 
  • There is no practice putting in TCST events. 
  • Aerification holes—Place ball in nearest relief on green and/or through the green. 
  • Cart parths-Paved-Free relief under Rule 24 (Obstructions) - Sand/Coquina—No relief. 
  • If you mistakenly play from tee markers that are farther back than your tee markers, there is no penalty. 
  • Dropping—Any time USGA rules require you to drop a ball, you may PLACE the ball (in the prescribed area) under TCST guidelines. 
  • In combined team & individual events, advice between teammates is permitted. 
  • Stones and shells may be removed from bunkers. 
  • Yardage binoculars (and GPS on carts, etc.) are permitted, with or without slope features. 
  • If you are more than 5 minutes late to the tee, you will receive a one-stroke penalty, unless you notify Jerry (772-708-1193) or Roger (561-302-6653) with a valid excuse prior to late arrival. 
  • The embedded ball rule is in effect through the green, except sandy areas. 
  • The one-ball rule is NOT in effect. 
  • Scorecards must be attested by all players. 
  • Immovable obstruction intervention near green—If a ball lies through the green and an immovable obstruction is within two club lengths of the green and two club lengths of the ball, the player may place a ball in the nearest spot that avoids intervention by the obstruction.



  • Shorts may be worn in all TCST events.
  • Cell phones are not prohibited, but are discouraged unless seeking a ruling (call Jerry, Roger or the golf shop) or checking on threatening weather.





Treasure coast senior tour

est. 2003

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